Welcome to the Art of Selling!

We are asked this question by clients again and again: "is selling Art or Science ?"

Our opinion and belief is that it is both: Art and Science too. We distance ourselves from all methods which have to do with "hard selling". Hard Selling is not an art nor a science ... but rather "hit and run"-selling. Hard Selling is not based on a mutual, long-term and fruitful relationship with prospects nor with clients.

Too often the Art of Selling is underestimated among salespersons! Professional Selling is to convince an existing customer, or prospect, of benefits that fit his needs. It is extremely important to convince a client/prospect what these benefits mean for him in the form of a profit, either for him personally and/or for his company. Or for the clients of his clients.

To be successful and/or to even expand successes, salespersons have to learn to plan their activities in the market. They can not any longer just "go out and sell products", but will have to offer individual solutions to clients/prospects.

That's why we say "Stop selling, start helping".

This means that salespersons have to learn to ask questions first and to listen carefully to what the customer / prospect says. Analyzing needs is crucial! Only weak salespersons start to sell "products" immediately at a salescall. At every meeting with a client or prospect's the need-analysis part is very important and will, if done professionally, result in more successes (i.e. closings, orders, better prices etc.)!

Our mission is to train/coach you (or your staff) in order to become a (more) professional salesperson or manager. The target groups of MOSE are Managers and Salespersons (B2B indoor and outdoor, B2C etc.), who commited themselves to improve their results. We realize this by bespoke/professional and hands-on training and coaching, focused on the situation in your company, and on your goals!

We are convinced that employees who receive continuous training achieve much better results. Trained and Skilled Salespersons and Managers are very valuable to their employer.

At your service!


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Latest News

May 15, 2014

SalesPro PSS: Business Partner for Europe

MOSE has become the European Business Partner of the US professeional selling system SalesPro PSS, Center for Organizational Energy, LLC/Fort Myers www.professionalsellingsystem.com ask for detail information here!


July 2, 2014


These are education programmes for Management and Sales. It is not only workshop training but includes Personal Coaching. Look for more details on these webpages.


October 1, 2014

Sales Seminar Seling Skills for Hearing Care Salespersons

The first MASTER ACADEMY Sales for Hearing Care Dispensers, selling hearing devices is reality! Look for more details on the following webpages.

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